Silver Tip Hay Co.

Founded in 2008 by Alan Carey and his son Rob Carey, Silver Tip Hay Company is a family farming venture that continually strives to give our customers the best product possible. Hay is sold in full truckloads only.

Alfalfa Hay for Horses

Nevada’s slower growing conditions give our high altitude hay a high quality of color with better leaf retention and nutrient values

Timothy Hay for Horses

Feed the best. Nevada grown. Different qualities and prices available.

Orchard Hay for Horses

Different qualities and prices available.

Orchard Alfalfa Mix

Preferred by many horse owners, different types and prices available.

Grain Hay

Oat, wheat and barley or three grain mix.

Dairy Hay

These Alfalfa hays are higher in protein and minerals. They are a popular choice for top producing dairies in Nevada and California. Contact Alan for specific stack analysis.